A-Chair​ -  first prototype (birch ply - osb -mdf)

The A-chair comes from an exercise where the brief was: how to build a comfortable and pretty  chair out of a mixture of different production off cuts materials? In our business, despite we constantly try to optimise the material we use for our joineries, a good part of it end up in the burner. We wanted to try to give a second life to this part which mostly consists of uneven, unusable weirdly shaped pieces. Our best intuition was to bring all the suitable off cuts to a standard ​size/shape. So that we cut all the parts into 50mm strips and started to play with that. The A-Chair can be taken apart in few minutes by simply unscrewing coach bolts so that the materials can be dispose separately. This is very much an ongoing project since 2016.

A- Chair and table - kids size​ - ABOVE

We have also made a mini-me version with a table designed following the same principles.

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